The Most Suitable Way to Arrange a Move with Cats

Your feline friend is greatly attached to you and if you are moving home, you simply cannot afford to ignore him. Just like human beings, cats too undergo significance amount of stress during a move as they sense some chaos within the house and are transported from one place to another. Here are some handy tips to ensure that you have a smooth move with your furry pet.


Getting the cat prepared for the move

As the Los Angeles movers get your goods packed for the move, you need to ensure that your pet friend is calm all through the move. So, as you prepare to move home, it is advisable to go for the following in order to keep your cat hale and hearty.

  • Your furry friend will definitely not stay well if his food or sleep habit is disturbed, so try to maintain his regular schedule as far as possible. By hiring LA movers, you will have enough time to talk and play with your cat. All this will reassure him that everything is alright.

  • Before the relocation, make it a priority to visit your vet for medical checkup. If your cat is in the pink of health, there will be no serious risks on your trip to your new home. By visiting the vet, you can also vaccinate the cat properly if required before the move and also retrieve requisite medical records. Apart from this, you will also receive useful tips from your vet to cope up with your pet’s stress and other issues.

  • Carrying your cat in a specialized container is the best way to move him. Keep the container with you and do not leave your pet with the Los Angeles movers. To make your furry friend more comfortable, cover the carrier with his favorite blanket leaving breathing space.

Moving cross country with your pet

The best way to transport your pet is in your own car, securing the carrier comfortably in the back seat. For long distance moving, ensure that your pet friend is given food and water frequently. In case you need accommodation for the night, look for places which are pet-friendly.

When you are shipping your vehicle and need to move your cat by plane, a health certificate assuring that your cat is fit for air travel is a must. Provide adequate water and food at least 3 to 4 hours before the travel. Once the pet lands, do not forget to pamper him, since he will naturally be upset with the journey.

As you hand over your goods to experienced LA movers, in the same manner you can appoint a specialized pet transportation company to move your pet. They will take good care of your pet and ensure that he reaches the destination properly.

Once the move is over, your next responsibility is to make your cat get adjusted to the new environment. So, do not forget to dedicate considerable amount of time for playing with the pet, increase his feeling of security and also taking him outdoors gradually.

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